Mephisto Releases Range of Velour Rainbow

Mephisto’s velour range injects luxury into the world of orthopaedics. 

It’s hard to escape the influence of Mephisto when it comes to addressing the grown-up world of walking shoes with orthopaedic leanings. 

Their range of geography teacher chic extends to classic models like the Rainbow and the Cruiser, both of which are timeless Mephisto staples.

A range of velour Rainbows has just been released that take the shoe in subtle and luxurious directions, from on-brand muted tones to brazen blues and scarlet. 

Mephistos are made for the outdoors, after all, and while they perfectly equip an inner-city ramble, they were founded on the foothills of the French Alps for a reason. There are 60 years of knowledge carried in each shoe, so don’t forget to take them out for a walk. 

Explore the huge range of Mephisto at Parasol. 

Mephisto at Parasol.

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