Merrell 1TRL Releases trio of Moab Speed Sneakers

I remember climbing an actual mountain in a pair of Merrell Hiking boots back in 2016. Ever since then, the brands presence on our radar here at Proper has grown, as has its popularity in general. That’s obviously all down to me wearing them on that massive hill in Sweden, and not because the brand has a compelling offering that they’ve strategically positioned at the forefront of the whole tech/gorp/outdoor trend. I’m claiming it. Even though I’m not even actually sure they were Merrell. Let’s pretend they were, and let’s also pretend I’m an influencer.

The latest offering in a procession of strong releases from the brand comes in its 42nd year of existence. It’s obviously on trend but Merrell being a genuine innovator means they’re not just for show. Performance is a focus, with the inclusion of a new FloatPro Foam midsole and Vibram EcosStep outsole, created from 30% recycled rubber.

Whether you’re wearing them in a dystopian warehouse like these pics, or you’re gonna slip them on to position yourself on the terraces, they’re a smashing shoe and we reckon you could pull them off.

Get them from Merrell, here.

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