[Mix] Adventures in Paradise : Adventures in Paradise (Part 3)

Born from the fires of its namesake night, Adventures in Paradise draws upon the joint talents of DJs Katie Barber and Michelle Kelly. They dig into a collective treasure trove of musical know-how to showcase the best beats of the Balearic scene and bring together the complementary notes of this diverse genre.

We asked the ladies to put some records together to encompass what they’re nights all about and they delivered a diverse selection; from soul to Italian gems and touching on everything Balearic – that, of course, we dig.¬† This mix being part of series, so we’re diving in at number three but please feel free to check their Soundcloud page to check out it’s predecessors.

Slip on the shades, light a fag, hire a small boat and drift off – whilst listening to this, of course.


“Best served chilled, Balearic lovers unite under a unique parasol that promises audible bliss and good vibes only.”


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