[Mix] Leo Mas : Fine Dust

Let’s face it, 2016 has been an utter shite of a year for losing creatives. Not all is lost, we’ve still had access to some amazing music and here at Proper we’ve also had the pleasure of having some of the best DJ’s who have put some excellent mixes together for us over the last twelve months.

We are privileged to have the legend that is Leo Mas close off the year with a real gem. I don’t think we need to give you background on Leo but he’s definitely a contributing factor to the music and how we danced in clubs, warehouses and fields over the last 25 years.


Let’s look forward to what Leo’s got going on next year – at the end of January, a new track on Nang will be coming out with his remix of Pete Herbert & Martin Denev : Night Boat (Leo Mas & Fabrice Rmx).

In spring, the first release of Nancy Noise “Kaia” with two remixes of Kaja and a version of Azizi’s Dance, which will be released with two separate records, with the original versions and two remixes by Andrew Weatherall and Man Power. Then an EP “Italian Dance Wave” on Slow Motion, will be released Stoned Immaculate – The Spice (Flying Men Mix), a collaboration production with our pal, Max Essa.

Then finally out on Vibraphone is a remix of The True Underground Sound Of Rome – Spherical Rooms (Domus Aurea Rmx by Leo Mas & Fabrice).

As you can see there seems to be a continuation of all things good coming in the new year, but in the meantime enjoy Leo’s mix : Fine Dust.

So that’s all from us, but again thank you to all the DJ’s, and of course to you the listeners.

Have a good one, Scott & Ade x



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