Monsieur Lacenaire Commuter Parka

At the best of times, October is a transitional month, in England anyway. Shorts and t-shirts have given way to light jackets, sweats and kecks of various types. Then it starts to rain cats, dogs and probably budgies.

This month I’ve worn invisible socks and shorts, I’ve sported sunglasses and I’ve donned the down parka. Why must life be such a drag, lads? Why can’t we have a set point at which we can just go “Ok, COATS TIME”?

Not gonna happen is it? Ever. So like the dead good army fighter men whose wardrobes we seek to copy, we have to adapt, improvise and overcome. To that end, the Monsieur Lacenaire Commuter Parka ticks more boxes than a traffic warden with OCD.

If the wind picks up and sprays loads of that fine rain Peter Kay brought to the mainstream, you’re covered. But if a rainbow suddenly appears and the sun scratches around to find where he’s put his hat, there’s no awkward folding up of coats. It folds into its own backpack. How ace is that? Not a new thing, but a rare thing. You can even wear it like a cape and run around the playground/office shouting “I’m a menswear superhero!!”

And it’s got a pretty classy sounding name. And it’s affordable. And it’s quite hard to get. So yeah, box ticking all over the gaff. Ideal.

You should have more of a look here.





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