More new Norse Projects at Grants1856

Lincolnshire’s premier menswear boutique Grants1856 have just put a load of new Norse Projects live on their website and once again, my procrastination rears its ugly head. Neil’s not too well so I’m holding the fort on my own at the moment. I’m quite organised but I’m easily distracted.

I wonder who’s on Loose Women today.

Sorry, where was I?

Yeah, an email from Paul from Grants1856 slid into my inbox this morning telling of another drop of Norse Projects which instantly saw me looking at clothes and wondering when the clocks go back. Or is it forward? Sorry, distracted again.

Best I just show you some pictures, tell you how nice it all is and leave you with your own thoughts/credit card to mull over more nice stuff from Copenhagen’s coolest outfit since that Hummel Denmark kit. That Kyle jacket in particular looks to tiptoe the line between smart and casual in expert fashion.

See the full lot here.

NORSE-PROJECTS-Anton-Indigo-Leaf-Shirt-Indigofront NORSE-PROJECTS-Esben-Mercerised-Tee-Navyfront NORSE-PROJECTS-Esben-Mercerised-Tee-Whitefront NORSE-PROJECTS-Godtfred-Compact-LS-Tee-Ecru-Botanical-Bluefront NORSE-PROJECTS-Godtfred-Compact-LS-Tee-Ecru-Navyfront NORSE-PROJECTS-Godtfred-Compact-LS-Tee-Ecru-Orangefront NORSE-PROJECTS-Hans-Light-Ripstop-Shirt-Dried-Olivefront NORSE-PROJECTS-Kyle-Indigo-Resort-Jacket-Indigofront-800x800 NORSE-PROJECTS-Lief-Indigo-Pique-Polo-Indigofront NORSE-PROJECTS-Lief-Indigo-Pique-Tee-Light-Indigofront

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