Mountain Research SS14

What do all the hipster amateur mountaineer divs wear in summer? That’s us btw, you and me. 

We can’t be bowling about wearing big four pocket parkas with shorts can we? And dressing like a full on 80s casual in sportswear when it’s 2014 is far from the strongest look, especially when you’re carrying around a belly that makes you look like a wok smuggler. We could go a bit Ivy, in a posh button down and chino shorts. But I dunno, it’s a bit clean cut for me.

How about we just dress like summer mountaineers instead? Yes, that’d be good.

Mountain Research is ideal for that you know. You might not be into the trousers they’ve paired it with, but Garbstore have got it in. It’s a bit pricey but you’re worth it aren’t you?

14.03.145453WR 14.03.145457WR 14.03.145459WR 14.03.145460WR 14.03.145503WR 14.03.145506WR 14.03.145508WR 14.03.145509WR 14.03.145517WR 14.03.145521WR 14.03.145522WR 14.03.145530WR 14.03.145536WR 14.03.145537WR 14.03.145538WR 14.03.145556WR 14.03.145560WR 14.03.145561WR 14.03.145565WR 14.03.145566WR 14.03.145596WR 14.03.145606WR 14.03.145607WR 14.03.145608WR 14.03.145628WR 14.03.145635WR 14.03.145637WR 14.03.145638WR 14.03.145642WR 14.03.145658WR 14.03.145659WR 14.03.145661WR


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. Slightly Reminds me of Dupe Aid Casuals, if anything bring that back

  2. Jockxford

    Nowt to do with the lesser spotted Heritage Research is it?

  3. That is a very funny piece of writing. “Hipster amateur mountaineer divs” cracked me up. Probably because I am one.

    And you’re right, the trousers are fooking horrible.

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