Mundial celebrates Zidane in Fashion Week event

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Imagine skinning a cat. Awful. I wouldn’t want to do it. But if I had to, I’d be glad to find it can at least be done in a number of different ways.

This gory old saying is something Mundial took heed of about 8 years ago. Having created a fanzine moaning about the things that are wrong with football with the Stand Fanzine, Seb and Dan turned things on their head and decided it was more fun to celebrate the things that are right. That formula worked much better and now, in 2022 they continue to remove the fur from the feline in a way they only know how.

Regretting the cat thing now, but you get the point don’t you?

Now enveloped within the vast ‘footballco’ organisation, their message continues to get louder and their opportunity to do good things continues to grow.

Back in print after an enforced sabbatical, their latest issue shines a light on the cult of Zinedine Zidane, the footballer who defined a generation, not just in his native France but in the wider world.

Coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, Mundial have paired up with iconic French fashion brand Petit Pont to release an exclusive capsule of premium underwear featuring Zidane’s number 10, because frankly, why not?

In addition, they have curated an exhibition that showcases ten archive shirts from Zidane’s career. Taking place on Paris’ Rue Debelleyme, the exhibition was at the heart of the city’s Le Marais neighbourhood. As Dan Sandison of Mundial rightly points out “Football shirts are more than just clothing, they provide immediate and vivid memories for all fans and players.”

Inside Issue 23, their latest edition, Mundial explore Zizou’s career through ten carefully selected matches that define him as a footballer and a person: from Champions League finals and international debuts to
kickabouts with his mates.

You can and should buy it online at

Housecat pelt not included.

Shirts included in the exhibition:

2006-07 France Home Shirt (Adidas)
2004-05 Real Madrid Third Shirt (Adidas)
2001-02 Real Madrid Centenary Third Shirt (Adidas)
2001 Real Madrid Home Shirt (Adidas)
1998-00 Juventus Home Shirt1998-00 Juventus Home Shirt (Kappa)
2002-04 France Away Shirt (Adidas)
2006 France Away Shirt (Adidas)
2000-02 France Home Shirt (Adidas)
2003-04 Real Madrid Home Shirt (Adidas)
2004-05 Real Madrid Away Shirt (Adidas)

Art director : Jessica Pichet @jessica.pichet
Stylist : Clara Grelié @claralolagrl
Photos: Jonathan Turton @jftfilm

Models :
Paul de saint Germain @pauldsg
Nils @djahnils
Abdoulaye @le.nig

Clothes :
Petit Pont, Classic football shirts,
Brut Vintage Archives

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