Native Craftworks at Oi Polloi

It’s raining in Manchester, mere minutes away from our mates at Oi Polloi. Apparently there’s a rule in the staff handbook over there that forbids all employees from wearing anything but suede and crepe on days when it’s raining. Anyone sporting sporty sneakers while there’s persistent precipitation outside gets tarred and feathered.

That’s what someone in the Millstone told me once anyway.

Anyway, so the legend goes, there’s a sub-section that also applies to the owners of the shop. It says that where possible, rainy days should be reserved for new suede footwear launches. It sounds like a load of old baloney, but how else do you explain them releasing new Native Craftworks shoes today?

There’s something for everyone, unless you happen to be the size already sold out in a couple of styles. They’re hot property and here’s why. They’re brilliantly made, limited and ideal for when we get a shard of sunshine through the clouds. Get some or you’ll regret it.

15-02-16-Native-Craftworks-_Shoes-Main_0000_150216_0033.CR2_1024x1024 15-02-16-Native-Craftworks-_Shoes-Main_0001_150216_0039.CR2_1024x1024 15-02-16-Native-Craftworks-_Shoes-Main_0002_150216_0043.CR2_1024x1024 15-02-16-Native-Craftworks-_Shoes-Main_0003_150216_0048.CR2_1024x1024 15-02-16-Native-Craftworks-_Shoes-Main_0004_150216_0051.CR2_1024x1024 15-02-16-Native-Craftworks-_Shoes-Main_0005_150216_0056.CR2_1024x1024 Native-Craftworks-160216-06-02

Mark Smith

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  1. The top three pairs are ace, as good as any of them damn yankee moccasins. A little birdie told me the order was placed for these two years ago, good things take time .

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