NemeN is the Future of Italian Techwear

NemeN’s clobber is built on a rich lineage of Italian techwear.

nemen techwear

Leonardo Fasolo launched NemeN in 2012. Fasolo honed his skills under Carlo Rivetti and Paul Harvey at Stone Island, dug the Massimo Osti Archive at CP Company with Lorenzo Osti, and closely collaborated with Errolson Hugh of Shadow Project and Acronym. Just with this brief list of names, there’s a precedent set: the history – and hopefully the future – of Italian techwear is in NemeN’s DNA.

All of NemeN’s clothes are handcrafted in Italy, each item the result of fabric experimentation, new dyeing techniques – like discharge dyeing – and the merge of craftsmanship with industrial processing. 

Take the Atom 3L Jacket, for example. The nyon is treated with a water repellent outer and then dip-dyed, creating a gradient of colour that sets differently on each jacket. NemeN’s signature armband stands. 

Browse a new range of NemeN at John Anthony. 

NemeN at John Anthony.

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