New Balance 577 at Urban Industry

Whenever I hear people refer to the New Balance factory in Flimby it takes me back to what I now call ‘The CBeebies Years’. I spent more years than I can actually remember at home with my young sons and the word Flimby sounds like a lost character from ‘In the Night Garden: The Prequel’ or summat. Or a cousin of the Tweenies, twice removed.

Or maybe I’m talking conkers again.

Anyway, you don’t come on here to read about kids tv, you come here to read about ┬ádead nice coats and shoes. And these New Balance fall into the latter category (lattergory?) perfectly. In the days of collaborations galore, it’s nice to see a good solid pair of English-made New Balance get a bit of love. And hugs and kisses too, probably. No touching though.

The New Balance 577 was first released in 1989 . This dark grey version boasts all of those design features which sound dead impressive even though if you’re truthful, you have no clue whatsoever what they mean. Things like ‘EnCap sole unit’.
Anyway buy a pair or we’ll get our Dad on your Dad.
Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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