New Balance at the Original Store

I was walking through Manchester’s fashionable Northern Quarter (TM) a few months back. Four lads passed me, each wearing a curious colourway of New Balance.  

“They’re here!” I thought. “New Balance are now the shoe du jour”. Is it du or de? I’ve not had a French lesson in 20-odd years.

Anyway, the expected delude didn’t quite arrive. Sure, they’re mega popular and with good reason, but they’ve not quite become Tedified yet. They’re not being worn by all the Identicasuals just yet. Not that I’ve seen. And anyway, who cares. They’re great. They’re good. Especially when you inject a bit of Inter Milanese colour into proceedings, like the Original Store have. Black and blue with a hint of grey, just for background. Ace. Like something Ivan Zamorano would wear to eat a chip barm.

I need a new pair of trainers like I need another chippy tea, but like chippy teas, sometimes I just can’t resist.


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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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