New Balance expands MADE in UK collection

It’s hard to find anything to be critical about when it comes to New Balance. Their success with footwear in recent years shows the traditional monopoly from the big two can be challenged after all. The latest release just reinforces that.

Launching on 13th June, New Balance’s MADE in UK collection gets three updated versions of the 1500, 576 and 991 in a sleek ‘Off-White’ colourway

Each MADE in the UK sneaker is crafted in the NB factory in Flimby, Cumbria, UK, and uniquely celebrates culture and style. White trainers are something to be more cherished than their more colourful counterparts, just from a practical point of view alone. But this trio demand the same care just through being really, really nice.

Keep an eye out on New Balance in a week or so.

Mark Smith

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