New Balance Hemp 550 Trainers

When you do even the most rudimentary research, it’s mad to think of all the stuff that naturally grows on earth, and what we can do with it. In the case of these trainers New Balance have drawn our attention to, we’re looking at a brilliant white pair of summertime sneakers that look like an evolved version of the tennis shoes worn in the 80s, and they’re constructed from hemp.

Theoretically, industrial hemp contains both CBD and THC so if you burned these shoes and inhaled the fumes you’d probably get some sort of high. You’d also probably become quite ill, because there will inevitably be glues and rubbers that won’t have occurred quite so naturally. So yeah, scratch that idea.

But given the animal products that are sometimes used in shoes like these, the use of hemp is refreshing to see. Going back many years, hemp was used to make ship sails and there’s no coincidence that the word cannabis sounds a bit like canvas.

Anyway, enough of the Monday morning history lesson. Take a closer look at these Hemp 550s here

Meanwhile, if you’d like to see a good selection of other New Balance models, here’s a very good place to start.

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