New Battenwear at Oi Polloi


It might be brass monkeys outside but this suave selection of summery sartorial sunshine has just dropped into Oi Polloi and I felt compelled to share it with you at once. When you’re sitting in your bed in the morning, debating whether to roll over and grab another eight minutes sleep, console yourself with the fact it won’t be dark and cold for that much longer. And with that in mind, you need to begin your preparations forthwith, urgently, like now and stuff.

It looks set to be a spring/summer season of pastel tones, slightly wider fits (great news for us who like eating biscuits a lot) and Battenwear are predictably at the forefront. This new gear is all born in the USA, like the song.

It’s up to you if you buy any of it, but if you don’t it’s best we’re not mates anymore. Your choice.

See more here.

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Mark Smith

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