New Diadora at Size?

Last time I wore a pair of Diadora I was eating a packed lunch which contained a carton of kia ora and some sandwiches which contained the margarine Flora. It was all too much. All it needed was for Rita Ora to time travel back a few years and start serenading me over my dinner and the bizarre scene would have been complete. Ah, Rita Ora.

Anyway, enough surreal nostalgia, how about these new styles from Diadora that are dropping into Size? If a bearded man with a placard approaches you in the street asking if “Have you heard the good news?” don’t dismiss him as there’s every chance he’s talking about Italian tennis shoe goodness and not the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Having originated in Northern Italy, Diadora have been making training shoes for years. 1948 is year dot as far as they’re concerned which in trainer years may as well have a ‘BC’ stuck before it. I’m talking about Jesus again aren’t I? It must be Christmas.

Anyway, back to shoes. Pop into your nearest Size? for a proper look, but in brief, you can expect the B.Original (and we all know what the B stands for eh?), the Tokyo, the Cross 70 and the Queen 70. Between them they touch all bases, flick all switches and if you’re lucky they’ll even float your boat for you too.

Get on them at and only from them. Online or in store now.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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