New Knitwear from Admiral Sporting Goods

To refer to anyone as ‘having knits’, especially so early into the new school year could conjure up inappropriate images, but thankfully Admiral Sporting Goods is here to rescue us.

Their timeless aesthetic is one we’ve always had a strong affinity with, having helped them initially begin the line. The Admiral brand was mainly known for its modern sportswear or that very particular version of retro surrounding the 70s and 80s. We felt the history of the brand had a lot more going for it, and embarked on a spell of research that culminated in something that is inspired more by the clothing worn post-war by athletes.

Naturally, this needed to exist comfortably in the modern day, and launching during a pandemic, with a focus on detail and quality was a challenge. These gorgeous cable knit sweaters though, are testament to the durability of those being the brand, not to mention their commitment to building foundations for yet more generations of classic sportswear under the Admiral name. In fact, you could even say they’re laying cables. You could say that. Not us. We wouldn’t be so crass, obviously.

Indulge yourself in a closer inspection here

Mark Smith

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