New Nike at Oi Polloi

These days I don’t tend to do much reading of actual, physical books. The words are a bit hard and anyway, the internet has shortened my attention span and I’m always getting distrac….

Sorry, where was I? Books, yeah. I do it via audiobooks now, like one of the blind guys do. I could try braille but it seems a bit too much like hard work. My most recent aural experience was an audio version of the book Oi Polloi are selling. It charts the rise of Nike, founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964, under the guise of Blue Ribbon Sports. As we know, it went on to be really good at making us buy things with a swoosh on. The book is a must if you’re even remotely in interested in how the whole thing came into being. If you’re not, Oi Polloi have some trainers with which to pledge your allegiance instead. And OMG they’re well nice, m8.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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