New Patagonia at The Great Divide

I’ve been through many hoarding obsessions in my life. While they burn brightly at the start, they eventually fade out. I collected keyrings as a kid. Football scarves, shirts. Oh yeah, I was a geek alright.

As an adult, my tastes have become that bit more refined. Coats, trainers, pin badges (still a geek).

My latest thing is bags. I’ve got lots of bags. My handmade Bags of Flavor shoulder bags are a head turner, as is my vintage Dupe one. My Topo Designs daypack is a reliable rarity, but it’s Patagonia who tick most boxes for me. They look great, they last long, they don’t cost brewsters and I like the logo. I’ve got two of them and a desire for another, just because.

This is partly fuelled by my 12 year old nicking whichever bag he fancies taking to school, but partly because I just like nice bags.

So whether you’re an ageing asthmatic who needs somewhere to stash his powerbank and turbohaler, or a pre-pubescent tea leaf with mates/girls to impress, Patagonia are an excellent choice. The Great Divide have a fine selection and I therefore recommend you treat yourself, right now.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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