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Until the end of last year, Proper was very much a hobby, or as people tend to call hobbies now “a passion project”. At the start of January though, an opportunity arose to fully concentrate on the magazine and all things Proper. We’re doing this whole thing full time now, from an office, with grown ups and a real desk and everything.

Consequently, you might have to get used to us being a little more on your case and in your face (or is it the other way around?) with our various wares. Four magazines a year instead of two, some exciting side projects for brands you love, more tees and of course our mugs. And that’s what we’re plugging today. Mugs. It’s a mug plug. A plug about mugs.


This month sees the launch of not one series of new designs, not even two series… nope, we’re doing three. All highly limited, all different from each other and if we’re lucky and you’re unlucky, all likely to sell out in time.

The first lot are our slow burner. The Proper logo on white mugs in a style that might seem familiar, and in with them is a design by the talented Rob Trigg who translated a retro toy doll logo to our own version.


The final round of our weather mug series sees things get a bit cloudy. Because cloudy works for weather and for a brew you’ve just put milk into. Apart from referring to the weather as “a bit muggy” we reckon we’ve exhausted all the puns we could possibly use when it comes to marrying up tea and weather. There’ll be a new series to replace this in due course. You’ll like it.


And finally, the Mundial momentum rumbles on, with a number of designs planned between now and this summer’s Euros. There’s an international fixture later this month which induces all sorts of uncomfortable jingoism and xenophobia, both real and ironic. We’ve avoided all that though, and done what we always do, got Adam Gill on the case with his design-led problem solving head on. And what he’s come up with for one of the two designs is easily the best mug we’ve ever done. You’ll have to wait and see what it looks like, though the other mug design is below. We’ll be pairing up with a retailer on these too. More news as and when. For now, here’s a sneak preview of some of the designs to expect this month.


Release dates will be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when we’ve decided when they’ll be.

Mark Smith

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