New Season C.P. Company Drops at Terraces

The arrival of lighter nights and the football season run-in also heralds newness from top table brand C.P. Company.

I’ve often wondered if C.P.’s stuff is infused with some mystical mogwai qualities, so much has their presence grown at football matches in recent years. When it’s not Pep sporting a touchline turtleneck, it’s masses of men veering between delight and despair as their respective teams try their best to do good things on the pitch.

Perhaps the surge in popularity is nothing to do with water/multiplication/1980s classic movies and more to do with the fact it’s just really good clothing. Purists will point to the arm lens logo and t-shirts with hoods printed on as a shift from the roots of the brand, but the reality is nothing stands still. If you do stand still, you cease to move forwards.

Besides which, who doesn’t want to be the owner of a C.P. Company beach towel?

Well then.

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Mark Smith

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