Newfangle Aguda Bucket Hat

With the weather more changeable than an incontinent’s underpants, the popularity of the bucket hat shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Ideal for keeping the sun off your thinning bonce, and capable of providing similar relief from impromptu showers, it’s one of those functional things that everyone needs. Yes, even me with my large head.

Newfangle are from Portugal, which you might think precludes them from moaning about bad weather, but you’d be wrong. This Aguda hat is born out of the strong tradition for fishing in that part of the world. Everyone I speak to tells me if I go to Portugal I’ve got to try the fish. Too bad I don’t like fish. Not even from the chippy.

Anyway, where was I? Hats. Portugal. Fishing.

This hat takes its name from a small fishing village in Northern Portugal. It even features a small pocket for your fishing bait. I’m sure you could find other uses for it too. The Newfangle logo adds an air of distinction, and the corozo button – while functional – also adds a bit of class to it. Naturally, the whole thing is made in Portugal.

As the pics show, it’s available in both navy and beige. Be quick though. And don’t be as indecisive as our weather has been, or they’ll be gone and it won’t just be the sky that’s crying. It’ll be you. Think on…

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