Newfangle Espichel Pocket Sweatshirt

I’m sitting in a suburban coffee shop writing this. Not a trendy one, but the type that treads the fine line between being trendy and giving old people and housewives what they want. Round here, that isn’t a skinny decaf latte (apart from when I come in).

The food is alright, the coffee is good but they could really do with opening some windows. I’m sweating like a pregnant nun, here and it’s not even warm outside. It’s nice therefore, to imagine the breezy but balmy backdrop of Portugal. I’ve been meaning to write about this for weeks, but the arrival of my third son put paid to normal working hours, not that I kept them before.

Anyway, more and more I appreciate good things done well. Whether it’s an ergonomic breast pump or something for me (because the breast pump isn’t for me, I should clarify), like a sweatshirt.

This navy effort from our mates at Newfangle fits that description perfectly. I like the collar the best, I reckon. Puts me in mind of 90s Stone Island, while the pocket has an SI Marina feel to it. Take a closer look via the pics below or their website.

In the meantime, I’m going to finish this toastie and observe an old fella¬†ask for “just a normal coffee, no patterns on the top”. Stockport, that.


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I had pizza for tea.

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