Newfangle Furnas Camo Bucket Hat

Bored of anticipating snow? It’s not coming this year is it? You can put your sledge back in the cellar and throw your ear muffs in the bin. It’s time to look forward.

There’s a reason why brands start dropping their spring/summer stock in January. It’s a month for forward thinkers and non-drinkers. All that money you’ve saved by not having a beer this month has to be spent on something, so why not a bit of camo for when the trees go green again?

Typically, the bucket hat enthusiasts at Newfangle are here to provide the perfect solution, with a wonderful piece of military millinery. The Furnas Camo Bucket Hat.

Produced by a family business in Newfangle‘s native Portugal, it has all the hallmarks of quality and attention to detail we saw with the Aguda hat, though it features a more rounded construction.

Caddyshack vibes mix with a fisherman feel, yet the provenance and real roots of cool come via the various jungle warfare rig outs, in which bucket hats and boonie hats featured heavily. Form follows function after all, from Borneo to Burma and of course a bit of Vietnam thrown in.

So if you think it’s time to get ahead, get one of these on your head.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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