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I’ve never been to Portugal. It sounds alright though doesn’t it? Nice weather, good food, relaxed attitude towards drugs, football… One of my favourite ever footballers was Portuguese, though you won’t have heard of him so I won’t dwell on it.

What about clothes though? Well, some of our favourite brands get made in Portugal and in the shape of Newfangle they have a fresh, progressive presence on the world wide web.

I say progressive, because that’s just what Newfangle is. The driving force behind the brand/shop is Ramiro, one of those internet friends people have these days. Mates they’ve never met. Ramiro is our main Portugeezer.

Not content with making a slick series of bucket hats, Ramiro’s Newfangle has given its website a spring clean, typically just ahead of the curve. A cleaner, better functioning website replaces its predecessor. These things are important in 2015. Gone are the days when an online shop is good enough with just one grainy image and a size break drop down box.

You can read more about the new, improved Newfangle here. Keep an eye on their exploits though. If their progress of late is anything to go by, an interesting future awaits.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to reminisce about unknown wingers my team signed from C.F Os Belenenses.


Mark Smith

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