New Balance at Newfangle

The Portugeezers at Newfangle have just announced their seasonal summer sale, just in time for this heatwave we’re having.

Rather than just give you a vague few picks of what they’ve got cooking over there, we thought it’d be better to point you in the direction of some new footwear. Who doesn’t need a new pair of shoes? If you’re the type to just wear your trainers until they’re knackered then just get a new pair, get yourself back to facebook or wherever it is the normals hang out these days. This post is trainer heavy and makes no apologies for being so.

And to make things even better, these New Balance are in the sale.

Newfangle haven’t been around for ages but their brand selection is as good as many shops who have. So¬†while you’re checking our their summery selection of sneakers, have a look at the rest of their sale stock too.


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