Newfangle Quoti Card Holder

For years I used to proudly cling to the concept that I wasn’t wealthy enough to own a wallet. I somehow believed that only people with loads of cash needed wallets. I was a fool, of course.

Having worked my way through various debit/credit cards, bent and broken out of shape due to inadequate pocket protection, I finally wised the fuck up, dug out an old goretex Dupe wallet and like an Owl with whiplash, I never looked back.

Me and that wallet have seen some happy times since we united. And yet my roving eye has become quite taken with another. A messy divorce will no doubt ensue.

This lovely bit of leather comes from our Portuguese pals at Newfangle. While it’s not a full blown wallet, maybe these days we don’t need it to be. Contactless payments, chip and pin, all that jazz. I bought an Oyster card yesterday. I live two hours from London, so clearly I’m just showing off. But if that’s on my agenda, then a lovely wallet/card holder is the perfect accoutrement.

While I’m using posh foreign words, the name of this piece of aceness is ‘Quoti’ which comes from the word Quotidiano which means every day use. You can use that bit of trivia to show off to your friends down the pub.

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