Newfangle Roca Chambray Shirt

It’s that time of year isn’t it? Cold at night, warm when you’re slurping your mid-morning Malibu. So when it comes to what to wear it’s all about layering isn’t it? Don’t tell my Dad I said ‘layering’. He’ll think I’ve turned. But you don’t do you? Because layering is exactly what you’re doing right now. Time to get shirty (and other puns about shirts).

The Newfangle Roca Chambray shirt is a nice option, and it has arrived in stock at their shop, just in time. It’s not quite warm enough for you to bowl about in a short sleeved t-shirt and shorts (unless you live in the Sahara, in which case you’d be overdressed, anyway, where was I?….) but a nice, 100% cotton shirt. Yeah, having that. I can see myself weighing up the gardening tasks in it just as much as I can imagine wearing it for the birthday party of a cousin who I rarely see but always get on well with. It’s versatile, is what I’m saying.

Get yours here.

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