Newfangle Sale Picks

Last Friday of the month today. For some of you lucky buggers, that means payday. One of the best paydays of the year too, as shops are being increasingly generous with the sale discounts.

One such shop is Newfangle, run by our mate Ramiro and based in Portugal. Rather than soak up the remainder of our sunshine quota for the year in the garden, I decided I’d instead shield myself from the nasty bastard that is pollen, don my sunglasses for extra protection, and write about clothes. Yeah I’m a geek, so what you gonna do, tell your Mum? No? Well then.

First up is something seasonal, political and anti-cool. For a brand with the word casual in its name, Connoisseur aren’t shy of pushing the boundaries and upsetting all the hashtag casuals on social media. “Real ale?” they ask…. “Not casual that” they conclude… like there’s a pocket bible that comes with every pair of gum soled adidas. Nobody makes the rules, that’s the whole point. Or it was. So for that reason I like this t-shirt.


Next up is this Fair Isle knit from Barbour. I really wanted the green and red version of this because sometimes the thought of dressing up like a liquorice all sort just appeals to me. This one though is a little less ‘mental health act gardener’ and as such, as soon as I’ve published this post I’m going to get Ramiro to put one aside for me until my own payday, which is ages off yet. But I can’t do without it. It won’t be warm forever.


More knitwear, this time from Farah. This reminds me of Folk or Our Legacy, two more contemporary brands. I don’t often look at Farah, maybe I should.


The word Clae is one of those words that begs me to rhyme it with something and come up with a predictable pun. A play on words… or maybe a Clae on words. Late summer vibes about these so if you’re shaking your piggy bank to see if you can grab somewhere late summer with the kids, factor these into your budget too.


Back to Barbour again we go, just as we do season after season. This is pretty uncharacteristic of them though. It’s less James Bond, more Boyz N the Hood. Bond N the Hood or something. I’d wear this to a ‘Cook Out’ which is what Americans call a barbecue. I’d attract both the birds and the bees, because it’s really very nice and also a bit bright. What’s not to like? *gets tramlines shaved into hair*


Sticking with early 90s references, this from La Paz is pure “Take it to school and change into it afterwards” to me. What I mean by that is, when you went to a school where they gave you detention for not wearing your blazer, you do your best to try and stand out, so as soon as the school bus has left the gates it’s off with the stuffy schoolwear and on with the sloppy streetwear. Well, not streetwear in the stereotypical sense but you know…

Buy it anyway, it’s good.


Another gem from La Paz and typically it’s taking me back to the same era as the jumper. Helly Hansen, Henri Lloyd, massive technical jackets passed down from big brothers or bought big because that’s how we did back then. This is like the nephew of such stuff.


What can I say about this? It’s Penfield. It’s Camo. Buy it. It’s nice.


Seen this somewhere before. It was out in March, but we peaked too early. It’s now the perfect time to read about surfing, so please do so.


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