Newfangle Serra Scarf

You’ve all seen the alarmist weather reports, warning of an impending freeze. The cynic in me reckons all the big coat lads get together and invent bad weather so they can sell more coats. Then I give my head a wobble and realise the date. It’ll be December soon, the first knockings of proper winter, where the central heating is on more often than not, the trainers sit silently in the corner, itching for spring, and the big boots get some serious hammer.

What about scarves though?

I’ve got a healthy collection of Stockport County scarves, dating back to one knitted for my by my Grandma a good 30 years ago, complete with matching bobble hat. There’s a song we sing about passing down a father’s scarf to a son, but I like my scarves so much, neither of my lads are getting them until I’m too dead to prevent it.

I don’t wear them though. ¬†They’ve got loads of footbally connotations and having not worn a replica shirt since before the internet was born, I don’t really feel right in a football scarf.

No, for me it’s all about stealth scarves, so when I saw the latest from Newfangle, my interest was piqued. With winter fixtures at places like Bradford Park Avenue and Colwyn Bay, a good and a bubble jacket won’t be enough. I’ll need a scarf. And as someone who stands about self-consciously on the edge of the beards and socks fraternity, I need something that doesn’t go all velcro with my facial fuzz. Something posh, high quality. This fits the bill.

The kids aren’t having it though. It’s mine.

More on this at Newfangle.




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