Newfangle Side Seam Bojador Check Shirt

It’s nice when nice people make nice things isn’t it?

Ramiro at Newfangle fits that description perfectly, as does the new Bojador Check Shirt.

Coincidentally coming in colours synonymous with early, good One True Saxon, it also puts me in mind of a 6876 shirt I bought years ago and still have in my wardrobe. Not bad reference points eh?

While it obviously looks nice and is clearly well made (in Portugal), it’s the details that make it so impressive. Curved hem, brilliantly-named Mother of Pearl buttons and a side seam utility pocket for those late summer days when a coat looks better under your arm than on your back.

The name Bojador is also a nice touch. The Bojador Cape is the point at which no navigators could pass according to medieval myth. Once it happened though, there was no stopping the intrepid Portuguese. Like I say, nice touch.

Like the shirt? Like the story? Like the pocket? Get one here while you still can.

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