Newness from Nudie Jeans

It might be different where you are, but it’s almost as if denim has been banned here in Manchester. In recent years, and especially recent weeks, the sight of a pair of jeans has been a little harder to come across. And yet, to every action there’s an equal an opposite reaction. So although there may have been a little trend away from the wearing of jeans, the rise (not a pun) of denim once again is not far away.

As a brand that earns its corn chiefly in making very nice jeans, Nudie has added to its offering in recent years, having really nailed its own particular fits, shapes and washes of jeans. Trends may dictate a dearth of denim in the cool corners of cyberspace, but Nudie will always be a brand we pay attention to here at Proper.

Our mates down at Stuarts have just landed a load of new Nudie stuff and it’s got us wondering when the inevitable wearing of denim will drop into place. Because it will.

Check out a selection below, but bear in mind this is just a fraction of the wide range available.

Check it all out here

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