Nicholas Deakins Mod Harris Boot

“Mod Harris” sounds like a bit of an Ace Face.

“I hear Mod Harris is gonna be at the disco tonight Charmaine”

“Ooh I hope so, I’d love to get off with him”

It’s like a scene from Quadrophenia 2 : Missionaries from Mod, which actually exists but only in my head after too many Milky Ways.

Sorry… shoes .

Funnily enough, these do look a bit like something a hiking mod would wear, apres-ski down the roller disco with all the girls flocking around them.

Hiking boots are all well and good but unless you’re going to spend hours traipsing about the shops or God forbid, actually hiking, you might want to affect the look but with something a bit less weighty. These do that job, I reckon?

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Mark Smith

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