Nike Air Max 1 Pompidou ‘By Day/By Night’

Love the French, me. Paris, all that. I love how when I went there for the first time I was braced for rudeness on a level to beat even my own. But no, everyone was lovely. Absolutely lovely. Disarmingly lovely. Worryingly lovely. Then my faith in that rudeness was thankfully restored by a woman in a huff on the train to catch my flight home. It made me love France all the more.

The other thing which impressed me about that gaff was the Pompidou Centre. It might sound a bit like something you’d have with your onion bhajis and your naan bread but it’s just a dead good building. You already know that though because you’re well travelled and worldly-wise.

I’ll crack on. This isn’t a post about my shit travels, it’s a post about trainers which are inspired by one of the places I’ve seen on my shit travels – the aforementioned Pompidou Centre.

The Air Max 1 was famously the first bubble, another glaringly obvious thing if you know your stuff. And these are them. Rumour has it the shoe’s under the bonnet feel was inspired by the Pompidou Centre in that it shows its inner workings rather than hiding them away. This latest release is more literal, with various aspects of the building incorporated. I’d wear these, me. Not even arsed if they’re a bit of a hairdresser’s shoe.

They’re out on 20th September via Size?

Mark Smith

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