Nike Air Max 93 ‘Miami’

Did you watch the latest in the American Crime Story series? The Assassination of Versace one? Pretty wild wasn’t it?  Despite all the serial killing, drug abuse and S&M I couldn’t help but think that I’d really like to visit Miami one day. It feels like one of those hyper-real places in America where anything can happen, the sun is always shining and everyone is wearing dead cool clothing that you don’t see many of back home in the UK. Which leads me very nicely into talking about these Air Max 93 ‘Miami’ which encapsulate pretty much everything I’ve been talking about into a pair of trainers. They’re the kind of footwear you could totally imagine a member of the 2 Live Crew wearing as well as one of the Golden Girls such is there powerful Floridian appeal. Though fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) you don’t have to hop on a transatlantic flight to MIA to pick up a pair, you can just hop over to Wellgosh and get your South beach steez on here.


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