Nike Air Pegasus ’89 Competition

Nike Peg

We like a good competition here on Proper and this is no different. We’ve teamed up with the people we bought shoes from as kids to give you a chance to win a pair of Nike Air Pegasus ’89.

You might not know (or care) but the Pegasus is a mythical flying horse. So along that same theme we thought we’d ask you to tell us about you own mythical creature.

Maybe you want to create a cat that can bark and smokes loads of cigars while reviewing foreign cinema?

Or perhaps a dog that can walk upright and speak Esperanto. Actually imagine that, a dog just walking around on two legs, buying shopping and that, but talking foreign shit? Mad eh? You can do better though can’t you?

Whoever wins gets the shoes, it’s that simple.

Just post your entry in the comments below, making sure to add a valid email address. We’ll run the comp until Friday 8th March, at which time we’ll choose the answer that made us laugh the most.

Unlimited entries too, so if you’re bored/really funny, feel free to get busy.

In the meantime…

See Nike Air Pegasus ’89 here

See all Nike at JD Sports


Peg 2


  1. Jack
  2. Paul
  3. Paul
  4. Loz
  5. Paul Robinson
  6. Phil...I buy nearly all your old coats
  7. Daniel
  8. Guy
  9. Marcus Warner
  10. Fudge
  11. Chris
  12. Shaun Bumtassle
  13. William Itwasreallynothing
  14. Potleg
  15. Mr Tumble
  16. Swiss James
  17. Christopher
  18. oliverbeer
  19. oliverbeer
  20. Mark
  21. Scrap
  22. Chris

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