Nike Air Skylon II White/Court Purple

Despite its name sounding like something you’d find in the first Terminator film, the look and feel of this gorgeous Nike Air Skylon is pure Magnum PI/Miami Vice vibes. There are probably lots of other 80s references we could make too, but they’d probably give you the impression these are purely a retro shoe. In fact, they’re absolutely NOW. I mean, look at the bleeding weather for a start. Whenever we get to this point in the year we find ourselves writing cynically about our annual 2 day summer, but this has gone on for ages now. It’s genuinely been better than most of the resorts people have started jetting off to. And these trainers (sorry, sneakers… they’re defo more of a sneaker) are bang on it, bang at it and they generally just bang.

The only downside is they’ve led me to talk about the weather, again. I’d better send that new 6876 t-shirt back.

Get them at Wellgosh anyway.



Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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