Nike Ispa gets intense about being in tents

We’ve all started wearing things a little more roomy of late, but getting comments about your jacket being so big it’s like a tent are a little bit of a stretch. It’s not 1990.

But wait, Nike are here with their own ‘through the looking glass’ moment via a jacket that literally becomes a tent.

Via their experimental Ispa range Nike present the Metamorph Poncho, a directional, cocoon-like piece of outerwear you can throw on to protect you from the elements. Something of a tech-cape, it possesses its own superpower via its ability to transform into a lightweight sunshade tent.

Reminiscent of Moreno Ferrari’s transformable Urban Protection range for C.P. Company, this is a serious statement maker and while it’s unlikely to be employed by anyone wanting to get down and dirty camping this summer, it’s definitely a future museum piece.

If that floats your boat, prepare to part with a monkey.

End have it, as do others.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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