Nike Lavadome Ultra Gold & Navy


As a keen proponent of the Lavadome, the release of these recently made me do a bit smile. I’ve got 7 or 8 pair of Lavadomes from past reissues, and even a pair of Son of Lavadome which I found on eBay after a hot chase over several years. They’re wearable too.

Anyway, when these and their grey/orange counterpart appeared I got a proper chuffty on and despite them putting a bit of weight on their buttocks, I’m a fan.

Typically, I’ve not got around to bagging a pair yet on account of being skint/not very good at leaving money in my pocket. If I’m good though, I believe Santa has put a pair aside for me. That’s if there are any left when the time comes.

See more of this sort of thing here.

nike-lavadome-ultra-gold-mid-navy-shoe-844574-700-p24764-94579_image nike-lavadome-ultra-gold-mid-navy-shoe-844574-700-p24764-94091_image nike-lavadome-ultra-gold-mid-navy-shoe-844574-700-p24764-94092_image nike-lavadome-ultra-gold-mid-navy-shoe-844574-700-p24764-94089_zoom

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