Nike Nocta, Nalgene and Norda – What’s new at SEVEN this week

Newness is always on our radar, especially when delivered via Liverpool’s SEVEN store. Newness from Nike x Nocta, Nalgene and Norda is too much of an opportunity to pass up though, especially when it all falls under the banner of Nice.

Let’s start at the bottom, with the iconic Nalgene bottle. This is to drinkware what the Kanken is to backpacks or what Hoover is/was to the vacuum cleaner. If you’re wanting a place to house your hydration, look no further.

If the thirst you’re servicing comes from you indulging in some energetic running about, Norda should really have been the brand on your feet. SEVEN have these two new colours of the established Dyneema 001 sneaker.

And finally, a slight wild card given the bright colours, but Nike’s ongoing link up with Nocta continues to yield interest. If you’re into making a statement during summertime, this is for you.

Lots more new stuff has landed at SEVEN of late, give them a closer look here.

Mark Smith

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