Nike Vintage Vortex Lunar QS

Now this is a handsome trainer. Or should it be sneaker? I’m out of my comfort zone with Nike, and yet my feet tend to be more comfortable at the same time. IRONY ALERT!!!1

Seriously though, having initially believed myself to be too old for trainers, I’m currently enjoying something of a footwear Indian Summer. My loyalty to adidas was unwavering and rather myopic at times. It was silly really. As a kid I didn’t have such a narrow view and now as a 34 year old (who doesn’t look a day over 32) I’m the same.

As such I’m free to appreciate shoes like these.

This list of stocking fillers is growing every longer and more expensive but when someone else is buying, who’s arsed? Not me.

See all Nike Vintage at size? including these Vortex.

Mark Smith

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