Nike x APC – Air Max 1


Air Max and APC are both firm favourites here at Proper. Air Max are entrenched in the awkward slot between sneakerhead and scallywear where we live, but the Air Max 1 is a modern classic, whether it’s worn by bellends or bagheads. Or both.

And APC putting their minimalist slant on them? Oui, s’il vous plait. I’ve been dipping my toe back into the Nike water, swooshing it around and finding it slightly unfamiliar. Sure, my ACG habit remains one I can’t kick, even if I wanted to. But Air Max? I can’t like it. Until now. These might be seen as a luxury/posh version of your regular Air Max, but to me they hit switches that I’ve yet to touch. To me, they’re grown up, understated and they say (with a comedy French accent) “I’m alright, me, I’m wearing ace trainers but I don’t like to talk about it.”

A strong look then.

I saw these elsewhere and felt compelled to share them on Proper tonight, simply because they go on sale tomorrow and if you’re not careful you’ll miss out. The last APC collab with Nike sold out dead quickly, and these will probably be similar.

Google them. I’ve not got a link, plus they’re worth making the effort to find aren’t they?

apc1 (1)



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