Nine New Arrivals at Aphrodite

It’s a strange time in the menswear calendar isn’t it? Everyone wants new summer gear, some people can’t afford said clothing so they play roulette and wait for the end of season sales, but in doing so risk missing out. What a conundrum for us all.

Best we just focus on the new stuff that’s still arriving. That way we get something ace, fresh and ensure we don’t miss out. Long established North East institution Aphrodite are one of the last men standing form on the fashion retail landscape, after a year in which lots of rearranging of chairs at the table has taken place.

JD has closed two of the most respected stores the UK has seen, and sold some of its others to Big Mike Ashley’s company. Other established businesses are winding down after years fluctuating between buoyancy and tough times. They’re made of tough stuff in Sunderland though, and it’s nice to see Aphrodite continuing to do their thing at perhaps the most challenging time of all.

This week they’ve launched some winning garms from the likes of Norse Projects, Folk, Stone Island, New Balance and more.

In an attempt to neatly present these to you, we’ve selected 9 items we liked best, purely because ‘nine new arrivals at Aphrodite’ sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?

See all new arrivals here, now, here.

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