Norman Walsh footwear AW16 “Craftsman Project”

In the midst of brexit coming to the boil, celebrating the empiric past of our island is a topical move. Whether you’re for or against Europe, you can’t deny the industrial heritage of this country is something which remains woven into our DNA.

Ok, so most factories are having to import machinists from Poland to keep alive that home grown culture but rather than get all Question Time on you, we’re gonna focus instead on trainers, because that’s a bit easier.

Norman Walsh have delved into the past to inspire their new range of footwear, and they’re really, really nice. Working with a range of fabrics which were once game-changers, yet still remain relevant today, this range begins dropping in Autumn and continues into next Spring. There’s something for everyone too, with Harris Tweed and Ventile being my faves.

All in all the Walsh Craftsman Project is an earthy yet luxurious collection of shoes. Keep your eyes peeled for these later on in summer.

CHA30020 LAV10026 ENS70046 ENS70044 CHA30018 CHA30019 LAV10027 ENS70042

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