Norse Projects Launches The Travel Light Capsule

The evolution of Norse Projects has been a nice journey to observe. Make no mistake too, it’s definitely a journey, albeit a metaphorical one. More than a decade ago (I could check the actual number of years but you get the idea) we wrote about them in our early magazine incarnation, before Proper was a real magazine and here we find ourselves again extolling their virtues as a brand that occupies a seemingly permanent place on our radar.

Perhaps fittingly for a brand whose journey we’re referring to, their latest range is built with travel in mind. Specifically, it’s call the Travel Light collection and seeks to offer durable and robust clothing for seasonal weather challenges, but without weighing you down with heavy fabric.

All in all, it’s another winning release from the Danish brand.

The Travel Light capsule for Spring/Summer 23 is available in-store and online at For a detailed breakdown of what’s on offer, you should head there immediately.

Mark Smith

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