Norse Projects Louie Day Pack

The urge to call Norse Projects ‘Great Danes’ is overwhelming. I don’t think ever I’ve written about the Copenhagen brand without used that tired cliche. I might have even said they were ‘Bringing home the bacon’ once. Nothing like a playful stereotype when you’re talking about clothes is there?

But wait, it’s not clothes this time. It’s a Day Pack, otherwise known as a rucksack or a backpack depending on which circles you mix in. It’s water resistant and made from ripstop nylon which means it’s hard wearing even if the load you’re carrying is a heavy one. It’s (probably) a medical fact that carrying a bag on your back increases your fitness and builds muscle. The fact this Day Pack is called ‘Louie’ must have something to do with how it’ll make your arms strong.

Louie Armstrong, you see. No?


I could have said something about back bacon or something.

Stop reading immediately and go and have a closer look at Peggs and son, where you’ll also find lots of other Norsey but Nice stuff.

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