Norse Projects SOLOTEX® redefines Mid-Layers

Norse Projects new SOLOTEX® is an effortless and adaptable new technology.

norse projects SOLOTEX

It’s been a real journey of evolution for Norse Projects, as perhaps it should be for any clothing brand.

Back in 2010 we interviewed one of their main men, Mikkel Groennebaek about their beginnings six years earlier and where the brand was heading. Their core values have barely changed but how they express those values has varied in those 12 years since that interview.

Back then, the brand was understated but like its owners a little younger. The creative process should always be informed by those steering it, so it’s natural things should change.

Today, Norse Projects has grown up, refined what it represents and is all the better for having been on that journey. Their exploration of technical fabrics is something we’ve watched with interest and given Copenhagen is subject to more than 170 days of rain per year (according to google), it makes sense that Norse Projects should become experts in weatherproof wear.

Their latest development uses SOLOTEX® technology on a range of mid-layers. In itself a mid-layer works in several ways and is pretty adaptable. On the warmer days it’ll work as a protective layer against potential wind or drops in temperature, while the colder days give it an opportunity to provide extra comfort and utility.

The biggest selling point of SOLOTEX® appears to be its ability to work in a more energetic environment, standing up to the rigours of the outdoors, while at the same time looking effortlessly cool when worn in an everyday setting. In that respect, the earlier version of Norse Projects is alive and well.

See more over at the Norse Projects website.

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