North Sails AW16


I was going to write about this gear earlier in the week, but the sun was shining and I just couldn’t quite locate my mojo. Thankfully, I got soaking wet on my way in today, and the precipitation has been persistent all morning. Perfect for writing about a sailing brand then?

Doing the rounds at the trade shows (because we’re so fashion now) earlier this year, North Sails was amongst the most impressive. Its popularity in mainland Europe outweighs its profile on these shoes, but it’s a solid alternative to your Henri Lloyds of this world. Infinities have had a dabble, cautiously casting their net and catching two styles, one called Bernard and the other called John. They sound like a painter/decorator duo from Newcastle Under Lyme, which is no bad thing. The jackets are more Bernardo and Juan, also no bad thing.

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north-sails-bernard-jacket-navy-p110723-69593_image north-sails-bernard-jacket-red-p110722-69580_image north-sails-bernard-jacket-white-p110724-69586_image north-sails-john-jacket-navy-p110720-69600_image

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