Northern Garment Wallets

This online thing is good you know. Sure, it’s nice to go for a walk or actually speak to people face to face from time to time, but roughly 18 years since I started dialling up via a Supanet account at my parents house, I really don’t know what I’d do without it.

The internet has moved on and the culture surrounding the way we communicate has too. Twitter and facebook seem to have superceded the forums we started using in the late 90s, but some still survive and even thrive.

From these forums, the likes of 80s Casuals, Casual Connoisseur, StandAMF and even Proper have been born and from the social media explosion that followed there are too many cottage industry brands to list here.

One of the latest to be born out of that is Northern Garment. From the young Yorkshire lads who brought you the Northern Aficionado fanzine are these utility pouches, custom made and very affordable. With sell out scarves already under their belt (not an actual belt, I’m talking metaphorically), these wallets will cost you just a tenner, and there’s enough room in them for the rest of your Christmas money. Get one here:-





Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. hmmm wonder who made those wallets for them in Kendal.

    The only thing in Kendal is takeaways, hairdressers and charity shops. Oh and blinkered inbreeds with minty breath!

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