Northern Threads: American Workwear for Autumn

The guys at Northern Threads shed some light on one of the biggest trends this season and the appeal behind the American Workwear look. It’s a look that’s so classic it has probably found a way into your wardrobe at one point or another, maybe without you even realising it. The good old blue collar worker has been immortalised in decades of advertising and on the silver screens of Hollywood to the point where the rugged fresh-from-the-fields look has become a staple of men’s fashion.

So what’s causing the continuous appeal? Easy – it’s accessible to everyone. It’s a low maintenance look that can be easily thrown together, while still looking good. Had a heavy night and the thought of having to style your hair a step too far? Stick a beanie on top and forget about it. Why not rough it and go without a clean shave in the morning? It all works! Basically it caters to the needs of the average (let’s face it, pretty lazy) man. Not only that, but it’s affordable too– a few staple tees, vests and checked shirts will stand you in good stead; then mix in a gilet and sturdy pair of jeans to finish it off. Let’s break it down into the key items so you can start building that workwear look for the autumn/winter right away…

Staple t-shirt

A plain tee is the perfect foundation to build from as well as sending out the right message; a bold graphic print can often be compensating for a lack of something elsewhere. So this understated approach shows you have nothing to prove and are happy in your own skin. Because a huge part of ‘style’ is the natural confidence you have while wearing the clothing. A solid tee will also stand you in good stead for when you’re indoors, having shed your outer layers. Like a good Scout – always prepared.

Versatile Shirt

Checked shirts are extremely important to American workwear; they essentially define (or at least round off) the entire look. Flannel, cotton or corduroy is the way to go and avoid bright colours as they’re inauthentic and pretty lame, I’d say here  is a good place to start for a versatile shirt that’s on theme.


Few people do apparel for the working man better than Carhartt and their jackets are second to none. Or if you don’t want to go the whole hog, you can invest in a gilet that will keep you warm while freeing up your arms to be active, check Carhartt out for yourself – you’ll see what I mean and you’ll also see why they’re the best in the game

Robust Jeans

Classic blues, old new, stained, holey, distressed, and pristine – anything goes, just so long as it’s robust, hardwearing and stylish. Decent pockets are also a must.

Are you going for the American Workwear look this season? Leave your comments!

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